Monday, January 10, 2011

This Song's About Being Trapped in the Snow

My brain's Arcade Firing, firing and inspiring, despite--or maybe because of--this tin-can on the side of the highway, my home, Indiana, PA.

I dyed my hair black.  Surprise!  I'm not a hipster, just a Neil Gaiman fangirl who listens to bands that sing about strip malls and kids digging tunnels in the snow.

The car was a poor, stuttering beast, a salt-eaten dog with tires spinning in place until, suddenly, it was gone.  A cartoon dust cloud lingered on the pavement.  

In Pittsburgh, there's a High Street, or at least there was--kids kept stealing the street sign and hanging it in their apartments.  I have a picture of a lily pond in my apartment, and a bottle of Gentlemen Jack on the mantle.  I don't live in Pittsburgh.  I live in Indiana, on Oakland.

I draw bone trees.

The sun is a window.

 Ever run through the forest and pretend you're a wolf?

I'm still running.

Can we ever get away from the sprawl?


  1. Sweetie, your writing is a revelation, I'm speechless before this post. I try to find something to reply, but fail to. So I can only say "gulp" and read it once more :)

  2. thank you so much!! it's things like your gulping encouragement that make me want to write more :P